Automotive Detailing

whether you're looking for regular maintenance washes, bespoke ceramic coating packages or even training, our expert detailers are here to offer you the very best services. 

Maintenance Washes

We offer regular safe washes to maintain the finish of your vehicle. This services is for those who's vehicles have received correction work and, or ceramic coatings.

Paint Correction

We offer services from new car details to single stage paint corrections & show car finishes.

Theres not a finish that we can't provide!

Valeting & Protection Details

From basic valets & pre-sale cleans to protection details, there is a package for every car & need.

Valets can take from 2 to 5 hours.

Training Courses

Are you thinking about setting up your own detailing business or

do you just love to detail your own car but want to expand your skills?

We offer 1:1 & group training courses

Ceramic Coatings

We offer a range of different ceramic coatings, lasting from 12 months to 5 years.

Ceramic coatings chemically bond to the vehicles surface creating a clear, extremely glossy & durable layer of protection.

Ceramic coatings are rated in hardness, typically 9H. This provides scratch resistancy to paintwork meaning wash marring & swirls are kept virtually none existent if the correct techniques are followed, However coatings will not completely repel scratches e.g. key marks, wall scrapes etc.

Ceramic coatings maintain the perfect finish they are applied to so your vehicle will look better than new for as long as the coating lasts. It also makes keeping the vehicle clean extremely easy, due to its self cleaning properties & water behaviour (beading) elements.

Bolt-On Packages

Wheels Off Package

Wheels off packages allow us to deep clean your inner arches & brakes, whilst also carrying out an extensive clean of all wheel surfaces.

We have different protection options to suit all budgets.

Engine Bay Deep Clean

Does your engine bay let your vehicles appearance down?

We offer an engine bay deep clean as a stand alone service or as a bolt on to any detailing package.

Interior Clean & Protect

We offer this bolt on for both fabric upholstery & leather interiors.

You can choose between:

A deep clean of all aspects of your interior.


A deep clean + protection of all surfaces.

Highly Requested

We also offer:

Convertible Roof Clean & Protect.

Headlight Restoration.

Stone Chip Touch Ups.

Window/Glass Coatings.