Engine Bay Deep Clean

From +£25

Engine Bay Deep Clean

From +£25

Engine bays are something that are often overlooked. There is nothing better than lifting your bonnet and seeing your bay oil & grease free!

The process:

  • We us compressed air to remove any loose debris from the engine bay.

  • Air intakes, electrical components & alternators are masked to prevent contact with moisture.

  • We then apply a citrus based cleaner to the entire bay, this helps to loosen grease, dirt & grime.

  • Once the citrus cleaner has had time to dwell (Usually 5-10 mins) we then use a multitude of detailing brushes to agitate the dirt.

  • If necessary, we will use steam to help break down stubborn grime.

  • We then lightly rinse the engine bay.

  • Compressed air is then used to dry the engine to ensure it is completely free of excess water, followed by microfibre towels to ensure it is ready for dressing & sealing.

  • We apply a dressing to all plastic & rubber areas, as well as polishing any bare metal and sealing the engine bay to prevent further build up of grime.