Maintenance Washes

From £30

This maintenance wash service is strictly for vehicles that have received correction work with sealants or ceramic coatings.

Our wash process is carried out using premium products, safe wash methods and tools to minimise wash marring, swirls & any other surface defects.

Whats Included?

All vehicles are inspected prior to starting a maintenance wash.

  • Step 1 - The vehicle is rinsed to remove any heavy soiling and debris.

  • Step 2 - A citrus based pre-wash is applied to the vehicle, mainly the lower parts & areas with other stubborn dirt such as wheel arches.

  • Step 3 - We apply a PH Balanced wheel cleaner to all wheels.

  • Step 4 - The entire vehicle is then covered with a thick layer of PH Neutral snow foam.

  • Step 5 - Whilst the snow foam is dwelling on the vehicle, we clean the wheels, tyres & wheel arches using a multitude of brushes and microfibre wash mitts.

  • Step 6 - The wheels and snow foam are now ready to be rinsed. Using a steady, consistent technique we remove the foam which has encapsulated the dirt and grime it has released.

  • Step 7 - Now that the vehicle is free of any potentially harmful contamination, we use a 2 bucket method to wash the vehicle with a pure, coating safe shampoo and padded microfibre wash mitt.

  • Step 8 - The shampoo is rinsed from the vehicle.

  • Step 9 - A wet coat is applied to help the drying process and to help maintain sealants & ceramic top coats.

  • Step 10 - The final rinse.

  • Step 11 -The vehicle is dried using premium twisted pile drying towels to minimise contact whilst the paint is at is softest. This is where improper technique could cause wash marring & swirls.

  • Step 12 - The vehicle is taken indoors & any excess water is removed.

  • Step 13 - Exterior class is cleaned to remove any water spots or streaks.

  • Step 14 - Tyres are dressed to eliminate any sling that may occur when tyre shine hasn't been left to dry.

  • Step 15 - The interior receives a light clean to remove dust & the carpets are vacuumed.