Heavy-duty grease and grime have met their match. Chemical Guys Grime Reaper is the strongest cleaner and degreaser formulated for the toughest jobs. Engine bays, undercarriages, off-road wheels, and industrial equipment face some of the toughest punishment imaginable. Heavy contamination can clog up moving parts, promote corrosion, and ruin the look of any vehicle. Chemical Guys Grime Reaper melts dirt, grease, oil, and grime away from filthy areas. Use Grime Reaper to degrease engine bays after any major oil or coolant leaks, or on wheels to remove years of caked-on brake dust, grime, and filth. Spray Grime Reaper on undercarriages to take down heavy dirt, mud, and road salt. Grime Reaper melts away years of caked on dirt and filth to restore construction equipment to factory-fresh condition. Grime Reaper ships at full strength, and MUST be diluted before use. Banish heavy dirt, grease, and grime back to the underworld with Chemical Guys Grime Reaper.

Chemical Guys Grime Reaper Extremely Strong Degreaser 16oz

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