Gyeon Q²M Foam is a highly concentrated snow foam designed to gently dissolve and lift away a high proportion of dirt and grime in a completely touchless fashion.


Although best suited to regular use and tackling relatively fresh contaminants, it is also powerful enough to tackle more persistent road films that have gone through multiple wetting and drying cycles and become more firmly bonded.


The main ingredient in Gyeon Q²M Foam is a powerful blend of non-caustic surfactants that safely loosens the bond between dirt and underlying surfaces without stripping or otherwise degrading existing layers of protection.


Fast-acting and safe for use on all exterior automotive surfaces, Gyeon Q²M Foam also rinses away easily and completely to leave such surfaces looking clean and streak-free. This is very beneficial on vehicles protected with silica-based coatings, as residues can otherwise diminish their inherent and hugely beneficial self-cleaning properties.


When properly diluted, Gyeon Q²M Foam is completely safe for use on all exterior automotive surfaces, including sensitive materials such as polished aluminium.


Because it is highly concentrated, Gyeon Q²M Foam offers a degree of latitude with respect to its effective dilution rate.


During the summer months, as little as 50 ml is needed (in the bottle of a PA Foam Lance) to remove dust and pollen, whereas in the winter months up to 200 ml can be used (in the bottle of a PA Foam Lance) to tackle thick salty grime.

Gyeon Q2M Foam 1 Litre


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