Poorboy’s World Snow Foam is finally here! You may call it snow foam or foam soap but we call it the best car wash pre-soak available for use with your foam lance or foam gun. What makes Super Slick & Foam a presoak? You apply it to the surface and let it soak before you wash your vehicle with a bucket wash by hand.


Pre-soaking with a foam gun or foam cannon applies a slick layer of suds that loosens up dirt, grime and road film. All of this before you ever touch your paint with a wash mitt or sponge makes washing your car by hand safer and more effective!


Super Slick & Foam starts out with the same Super Slick polymers that we use in both Super Slick & Suds and Super Slick & Wax car washes. Then we added a specialized blend of surfactants that produces a slick layer of foamy suds that clings as it cleans. Super Slick & Foam is our best car wash soap for spray-on application with a garden hose or better yet, a pressure washer!


946ml bottle

Poorboy's Super Slick & Foam

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