Poorboys Typhoon Microfibre Cleaner - 473ml

Poorboy’s World Typhoon Microfibre Cleaner is a highly concentrated detergent that cleans all microfibre towels, microfibre pads and microfibre applicators. This is a low suds formula that is safe for all HE (High Efficiency) Washing Machines. Typhoon is especially effective at removing wax, polish and sealant residue from the fibres and it rinses completely so towels will feel softer and perform better. Regular laundry detergent isn't formulated to break up and dissolve the wax, sealant, compound and polish residue found in microfibre towels that are used for polishing and detailing.

Poorboy’s Typhoon Microfibre Cleaner was designed to thoroughly clean microfibre towels and rinse completely. Your towels will be softer and perform better after every wash!

Microfibre has fast become the ideal fabric for use during detailing. After all, it’s soft, safe, super-absorbent, and it’s like a magnet for dust! Since it does have these characteristics, caring for it does take a little finesse, though. Ordinary detergents certainly don’t have the necessary attributes to break down spent product residue and keep microfibre performing at its best. Poorboys World Typhoon Microfibre Cleaner is a simple solution for caring for your microfibre items. Simply use it in place of your regular detergent when laundering your microfibres and they’ll stay like new wash after wash!

Poorboys World Typhoon Microfibre Cleaner contains the perfect mix of cleansers and microfibre-safe conditioning agents that keep your microfibre towels, pads, and tools performing at their peak. Its unique formula rinses completely clean, leaving nothing behind but soft, supple microfibre that’s ready for the next detailing session! Poorboys World Typhoon Microfibre Cleaner breaks up and dissolves any product residue so your towels will feel like new after every wash.

Directions for Use:

  • For small, lightly soiled loads, use 1 ounce of Poorboys World Typhoon Microfiber Cleaner ; for larger loads, or when washing with hard water, use 2 ounces.
  • Wash using warm or hot water for best results.
  • Spin dry on low- or no-heat.

Poorboys Typhoon Microfibre Cleaner


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