Typhoon Carnauba Wax a pure blend of T1 Brazilian Carnauba and High Grade Bees Wax, packed full of gloss enhanced ingredients and a stunning lemon fragrance, this wax will give a slick feel, reflective finish and superior hydrophobic protection.Hydrophobic Beading TechnologySafe for use in direct sunlightT1 Grade Brazilian Carnauba WaxEasy Application & RemovalMade & Hand Poured in the UKDurability: 3 to 4 monthsLemon ScentPot Size: 150mlHow to Use Typhoon Carnauba WaxEnsure your vehicle is clean and dryMoisten a wax applicator with either some quick detailer or some water. This will provide a little lubrication for the applicator, you don't want it dripping wet, just damp.Prime the applicator by rubbing it around the top of the wax pot a few times, you only need a small amountOnce you have a little wax loaded onto your applicator, apply to the paintwork using small circular actions (or straight lines if you are more comfortable doing it that way) to work the wax into the paint. Make sure you cover the whole area evenly and be very careful to apply a thin layer (only apply to 1 panel at a time)When the applicator starts to drag and it doesn't feel there is any wax left to spread, return the applicator to the pot and twist a couple of times to reload the applicator. Continue as above until the section is covered.When the panel is completely covered, move onto the next, you need to leave the wax some time to cure and bond to the paint. This usually takes 5 to 10 minutes, If the weather is particularly hot or you are in direct sunlight, you may need to buff off sooner.Using a soft microfibre cloth remove the excess wax. If you have applied a nice thin layer and the wax is ready to be removed, it will come off easily in one or two wipes. If wax is not coming off easily then you may have applied too much product or not left it long enough.Once all the excess wax has been removed turn your cloth over and buff the paintwork to a high gloss finish.You can apply another layer to make the finish even more durable, we recommend leaving at least 1 hour between coats, to ensure the first coat has fully cured.

Power Maxed Typhoon Carnauba Wax

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