Valet Pro Advanced Neutral Snow Foam is a high foaming pre washe that is used to remove traffic film and other grimes prior to shampooing a car.


When used with a pressure washer this product produces a thick foam that allows it to sit on the surface and encapsulate the grime, lifting it from the paint surface and carrying it with the foam when it’s rinsed off.


  • PH Neutral Formula
  • Cleans like an alkaline
  • Highly concentrated
  • Safe wheel cleaning
  • Removes bug splats & road grime


This product has a pH neutral formula which makes it safe for all surfaces by eliminating the chances of corrosion.


Not only does this product have a dilution rate of 1:20 which means value for your money, but it lifts the dirt from the surface prior to shampooing, reducing the risk of scratching the paintwork.


How To Use::

1. Dilute. Foam Lance 1:3 / Pump Spray 1:20.

2. Foam the entire vehicle.

3. Leave to dwell but not dry out.

4. Starting from the bottom, rinse off with a pressure washer.

Valet Pro Advanced Neutral Snow Foam


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