Valet Pro have created an easy to use paint cleanser that effortlessly removes fine marring from the paint surface while leaving a highly glossy, silky finish.


This is the perfect pre wax paint cleanser creating the perfect base for either Mad Wax or Beading Marvellous


Directions -By Hand: 

1. Apply two pea-sized blobs to a Polish Applicator

2. Spread thinly across a panel and, using moderate pressure, work into the paint with back and forth motions. 

3. Buff residue with a clean Microfibre Cloth

4. Repeat is paintwork requires further attention. 


Directions -Via Dual Action Polisher: 

1. Apply a cross shape of Purple Passion to a soft polishing pad

2. Working a panel at a time, wipe the Machine Pad over the panel. 

3. Using a low speed, spread the product over the work area. 

4. Using a higher speed, work product into paint in hatched back and forth motions. 

5. Buff residue with a clean Microfibre Cloth. 

6. Repeat if paintwork requires further attention.

Valet Pro Purple Passion 500ml

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