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ValetPro Snow Foam Combo 2 is one of our high foaming pre washes; it produces a thick, clingy film which extends contact time with the surface of the car whilst it works at penetrating grime.

Because this product is alkaline based, it’s exceptionally good at emulsifying oil, petrol and diesel stains. This product was designed to remove wax layers to aid in full detailing work, so whilst it’s not regarded as wax safe it has great cleaning power with a dilution rate of up to 1:15.

  • Safe on aluminum
  • Produces thick foam
  • Powerful cleaning action



1. Dilute. Foam Lance: 1:3/ Pump Spray: 1:10.

2. Lance: Foam the entire vehicle/ Pump Spray: Spray lower panels.

3. Lance: Leave to dwell but no dry out / Pump Spray: Do not allow to dry.

4. Starting from the bottom, rinse off with a pressure washer.


Valet Pro Snow Foam Combo 2