Valeting & Protection Details

From £40

We offer a range of different paint correction packages to suit all budgets & vehicle needs.

Basic Valet

From £40 (2 hours)

If you're looking for a regular monthly clean that is safer than going to road side valeters or machine washes, then the basic valet is for you.

Using safe wash techniques & PH Neutral products, we ensure that no caustic damage is caused.

The exterior of your vehicle is safely washed & a wet coat sealant is applied to top up protection. Your interior will also receive a light clean & carpets will be vacuumed.


Intermediate Valet

From £65 (4 Hours)

Ideal for the 6 monthly wash & protection top up.

Your vehicle will be washed using safe wash techniques & PH Neutral products, including, wheel arches, door jams & petrol cap before our 3 stage decontamination process to remove built up traffic film, tar & iron fallout.

Once dry, we will add a layer of wax giving you 6 months of protection & a sealant to your wheels & glass. Tyres will also be dressed.

Your interior will recieve a light clean and carpets will be vacuumed.


Full Valet

From £110

Our full valet includes all of the aspects of our intermediate valet and also includes:

  • All exterior trim being refreshed and returned (where possible) to new condition.

  • Exhaust tips polished & sealed

Your interior however, will receive a deep clean.

  • Leather/fabric seats will receive an intense clean to remove built up grime.

  • Door cards & any plastic trim will be cleaned and will return to factory finish.

  • Carpets will be cleaned via wet vac

  • Internal glass will be cleaned

Protection Detail

From £140

This package is ideal for vehicles that are regularly maintained & require a gloss enhancement over a paint correction.​

This intense deep clean strips all surface contaminants that have built up over time, cleansing the paintwork ready for a light, gloss enhancing machine glaze & protecting all aspects of the vehicles exterior, including all trim, glass, tyres and wheels.

Depending on the season, the most appropriate sealants & waxes are used, to ensure the correct protection against the elements associated with the particular time of year. 

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